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About Us

Company Overview

Since its inception, SSM has continually expanded its product offering to become one of the largest suppliers of Pacific Island products in Australia. 

SSM is a Brisbane based company started by James and Shavila Mishra which within 20 years has become one of the largest suppliers to the Island, Ethnic and mainstream markets in Australia.

SSM International understands the relationship in the chain stores and the Independents market. SSM is HACCP, SQF and WQA approved. We are continuing to develop products for the total market place with a particular emphasis for the chains as it seems that the chains will eventually permeate most areas of the retail marketplace.

Our aim is to service our customers regularly and efficiently with courtesy and professionalism. The key to these goals is to employ, train and equip the most competent, hardworking and goal orientated people possible and to assign to them clear and concise targets for the achievement of these goals.


With over 150 years of combine experience in FMCG goods and services, SSM is the largest importer of Fresh and Frozen Taro in Australia, a highly sort after commodity in the Islander, Indian and Asian community.


Canned fish and canned meats, coconut products, Fijian biscuits, Indian spices and beverages from Thailand and Korea round out SSM’s Islander market offering. Much Moore a New Zealand based Ice Cream Manufacturer have entrusted the supply of their products to SSM for distribution to the Islander stores and Independents.


SSM had gained the biggest strength in supplying raw material (coconut cream) to dairy free yogurt and ice cream manufacturers. SSM is also the biggest importer of bulk coconut cream in Australia. Coconut cream, milk and oil are one of the key specialities of SSM International.


Currently SSM has more 20 SKUs in mainstream supermarkets. SSM Brand is now widely accepted in the mainstream supermarkets. SSM has formed an alliance with Foods Pacific Pty Ltd to secure the distribution rights to the Taste of India Curry sauces, Dhal and vegetarian products.


SSM recently launched SSM Brand Cassava Fries and Wedges and has exclusive distributor rights for all countries except USA and Europe. We are also building a core range of own brand products (Peoples Favourite), Pure and Only Organic with a key product range being launched few years ago.

Kohinoor has entrusted SSM with the distribution rights to supply their range to Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia for both ethnic and mainstream supermarkets.


SSM is developing these markets through top end contacts, sales forces with discipline and product knowledge and the use of a high-quality distributor network. Growth is being achieved through widening the product range store by store; astute merchandising practices, in-store posters, off location bins, product tasting campaigns, and promotional programs.


We utilise partner distributors in Western Australia. Our sales force covers the rest of Australia. SSM now has a physical warehouse in Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide with its own dry and freezer trucks

What we do

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