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Soltuna Skipjack 3D Amazon F_edited.png
Soltuna Chilli 3D amazon F (1)_edited.png
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  • A Solomon Islands' based company offering the most delicious, delicate tasting premium quality tuna. 

  • Single Origin: Fished & Canned in the Solomon Islands.

  • Certifications: MSC (fished sustainably), Kosher, Halal, Haccp, Fair-Trade & BRC Certified.

  • Our current portfolio - Premium, Mainstream & Value

  • Premium: Spicy Delight 170g, Chilli 100g & 170g , Skipjack Blue 100g & 170g, Springwater 170g & Special 100g & 170g)

  • Mainstream: Solomon Blue: Curry 100g & 170g, Sandwich 100g & 170g & White Flakes 100g, 180g & 400g

  • Value: Solomon Blue: Dark Flakes 100g, 180g & 400g

Soltuna Dark Flakes 100g.png
Soltuna Sandwitch  170g.png
Soltuna Dark Flakes 180g (1).png
Soltuna White Flakes 100g.png
Solblue White Tuna Flakes 400g.png
Soltuna Spring 100g.png
Soltuna Skipjack 3D 100g F_edited.png
SB Special 100g_edited.png
SB Special 170g_edited.png
Soltuna Curry 100g_edited.png
SolTuna: Inventory
Solblue Tuna Flakes 400g_edited.png
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